O u r  M i s s i o n

Our mission is to help those poor people in the state of Guererro, Mexico with virtually no access to medical and dental care.  Our clinic, known as Clinica Betel, A.C. has been able to provide over 100,000 patients with medical and dental care since 1990.  Our campaigns over the past 28 years have been comprised of medical doctors of varying specialties, including plastic surgery, anesthesiology, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, opthamology, OB-GYN, radiology, as well as other primary care physicians.  In addition, dentists, dental auxiliaries and optometrists have donated their time over the years to diagnose and treat dental and eye problems for the patients in this area of Mexico.  Additional volunteers have included CRNA's, RN's, LPN's, physical therapists, and other healthcare workers.  Lay people from throughout the United States have helped a great deal in the construction and maintenance of our facility as well.  Clinica Betel, A.C. does provide ongoing care for patients in our absence provided by Drs. Fernando and Marco.

Our clinic is run by Fr. Tom Shaffer.  100% of the funding for this endeavor comes from donations from friends, volunteers and other benefactors from the United States that have decided to become a vital part of this effort.

Mexico Ministries was founded by Rev. Larry Myers.  His original starting point for building churches throughout the country of Mexico started in Atoyac.  He decided to begin buidling this medical facility back in the early 1990's.  After many years of fundraising and playing an active part in the building and development of this clinic, he turned over the reigns to Father Tom Shaffer so that he could resume his calling, "to build churches throughout the country of Mexico and to bring people to Christ"