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Agua Ministries
Agua Resources was founded in 1998 to bring pure drinking water to those in need.  Agua has drilled successful wells throughout the Atoyac and Costa Chica regions of Mexico in villages that were otherwise lacking a clean water supply.  Overseen by Pastor Sam Walker of Church on the Rock North, in Beaumont, Texas, in partnership with its sister ministry in Canada, which was founded by Pastor Casey Sitter, along with the support of many churches and individuals, Agua has drilled and maintained over 280 wells supplying clean drinking water to thousands.  Agua Resources has also helped fund wells in Ghana and Kenya in partnership with Tel International Missions founder Rev. Elgin Taylor; in the Philippines, India and soon in Thailand thru partnership with Operation Blessing International; as well as in the nation of Uganda in partnership with Missionaries David and Jennifer Hatley and Christian Ministries in Africa.

Though challenged over the years by continual financial need as well as an unstable, and many times unsafe environment, Agua Resources has managed to drill over 280 shallow water wells that presently provide daily fresh water access to literally thousands of needy people. Our medical missionary on the ground in Atoyac, Tom Shaffer, said “In my twenty-eight years of serving as a medical missionary in southern Mexico I’ve found that nothing has had more impact on improving the health and well-being of the people in this region than the fresh clean water Agua Resources Projects have provided.”